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Dr. Brittney Schultz and Dr. Donna Culton

Med Derm resident Dr. Brittney Schultz is currently completing a Women's Dermatologic Society Mentorship with Dr. Donna Culton at the University of North Carolina. She was very excited to present on the topic of Quality of Life Issues in Pemphigus and Pemphigoid at the International Pemphigus and Pemphigoid (IPPF) Annual Patient Conference this weekend in Durham, NC and is looking forward to bringing home what she has learned to Minnesota!

Congratulations to Dr. Maria Hordinsky, with collaborators, for their most recent article, "High-throughput T cell receptor sequencing identifies clonally expanded CD8+ T cell populations in alopecia areata," being published in JCI Insight.

Congratulations to Dr. Amy McMichael and Dr. Maria Hordinsky for having a second edition of their book on Hair and Scalp Disorders recently published by CRC Press. A special thank you to Department faculty Drs. Ronda Farah,  Brian Zelickson, Sara Hylwa,  Erin Warshaw and Dr.  Lydia Sahara, a graduate of our residency program, for there contributions to this edition.

It is with great honor the Women's Dermatologic Society and University of Minnesota Department of Dermatology invite board-certified Dermatologists and Dermatology Residents to an evening focused on Physician Well Being in Dermatology with grant support from Pfizer. This will be an evening filled with networking, key note lecture on "Building Physician Resiliency," with Drs. Kathleen Hectorne and Shelley Torgerson from Mayo Clinic, and an interactive expert panel.

Dr. Paul Bigliardi

Dermato-Allergologist Paul Bigliardi, MD, is leading a new allergy treatment program at the University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center. Check out the posting here:

Congratulations to Medical Student Amy J. Zhang and Drs. Eleni Moraites, Noah Goldfarb, Walter Liszewski, and Ronda Farah for their most recent published article on Taylor & Francis Online: Acquired partial lipodystrophy treated with poly-L-lactic and hyaluronic acid fillers: a case report.

Congratulations to Dr. Brittney Schultz, and co-authors Dr. Cuong Nyugen and Dr. Erick Jacobson-Dunlop, for their most recent article, "Acquired epidermodysplasia verruciformis in setting of tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitor therapy," being published in JAAD Case Reports.

Dr. Juan Jaimes

Congratulations to Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr. Juan Jaimes, who participated in the DermaChallenge event hosted by Dr. Harald Kittler from the Derm Department at the Medical University of Vienna. This event had approximately ten thousand dermoscopy images that were used to create multiple challenges with the main challenge of getting 30 images correct among melanomas, nevi, lentigines, BCC, AK, vascular lesions and dermatofibromas.

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Clinical Research Division Recruiting Study Subjects

The Clinical Research Division in the Department of Dermatology conducts ongoing studies of novel therapeutic agents. The Division is currently enrolling subjects for studies in:

  • alopecia areata
  • psoriasis
  • cutaneous T cell lymphoma
  • atopic dermatitis
  • discoid lupus erythematosus

We are also recruiting for normal control subjects. Please contact the clinical research office at 612-624-5721 for more information or to see if you qualify.